Lebanese from abroad


Many Lebanese, in Lebanon and the diaspora are hoping an administration that will live up to their sense of social and environmental justice, as well as solidify the Lebanese identity. Many can envision a functional, equalitarian, diverse, healthy and green kind of Lebanon. The Lebanese Patriotic Party and the General Aoun have championed the cause of preserving the Lebanese identity since 1989 and ending corruption. We now need the new government, lead by the General Aoun to add social and environmental justice to this cause. WITH ONE CLICK, send president Aoun an email asking him to include social and and environmental activists in the new government. You’re welcome to edit the message before sending it.

Forming a Lebanese government, November 2016

With one click, tell President Aoun:

We want environmental and social activists in the Lebanese government

'There are in the Middle East today two challenging ideas: old and new. The old ideas will vanish because they are weak and exhausted.’ - Gibran Khalil Gibran